Sporting Light Saber Combat is practiced within Academies, which can host classes and other activities in different venues called Schools.

Inside each School are created Clans: groups of pupils on a learning path, guided by a Teacher (Master or Instructor).

Ordinary Courses

Held weekly, Ordinary Classes develop the general learning path of pupils from the rank of Youngling to Master. They are organized as follows:

Year Course Class Form Exam
1 Youngling (>16)
Padawan (>16)
First I
2 Second I + II Style
3 Third II Style + Degree
4 Jedi First III
5 Second III Style
6 Third IV
7 Fourth IV Style + Degree
8 Knight First V
9 Second V Style
10 Third VI Style
11 Fourth VII
12 Fifth VII Style + Degree

Each lesson is divided into three stages: warm-up, teaching, combat.
The warm-up stage (lasting minimum 15 minutes) is aimed at preparing the body for the later stages. This stages starts with a run and then with exercises specifically aimed at stimulating muscles and joints in the legs, pelvis, shoulders, wrists and neck. Some exercises may be carried out using the lightsaber.
The teaching stage concentrates on explaining techniques and relative exercises, in order to be able to carry them out correctly. This stage also involves a playful part, using specific exercises.
The combat stage (minimum 30 minutes) ends the lesson, and is aimed at using the techniques in a competitive context.

Special Classes

Each Academy can organize Private or Group Lessons to introduce or deepen the sporting Light Saber Combat.

Apprentice Courses – dedicated to under 13 people – are focused on the development of self-perception on a psychomotor level, using games and exercises that stimulate harmony in movement. Team spirit is also stimulated, to make trust and reciprocal collaboration easier to establish. Use of the lightsaber is mainly part of a game.


Held periodically, Seminars might address several topics linked to the Forms of Light Saber Combat and also theoretical, technical or preparatory sporting aspects for the practicing of this sport, including notions from other sports, and also combat.


Thanks to collaboration with external guests, the Workshops demonstrate martial arts and fencing of various kind, other than Light Saber Combat, with the intention of broadening the cultural horizon of both pupils and teachers, comparing the techniques seen in lessons with other cultural, philosophical and technical approaches.