If Tony Stark successfully privatized world peace, LudoSport privatized worldwide fighting.


A modern (and more ethic) reinterpretation of an ancient tradition.

Duel is present in human history since time immemorial, used as legal instrument to ensure a “due process” or as decisive act for private disagreements – mainly about honour. Its forms have been more or less brutal, but always codified. LudoSport restarts this tradition within the purest sport competition. As happened in past, contenders are left to the judgement of arms – hence to their own efficiency – and to their own judgement on final result.

Duels between pupils are allowed within SLM regulations, and the result is awarded in the International Rating. Gauntlets can be thrown down in every moment – with the MYLUDOSPORT platform – and duels can take place anywhere is a proper space and safety conditions for opponents and public. Final rules of engagement are decided by the fighters, and the result must be communicated to the platform by both of them.

The game starts online and then it becomes real in a competitive sporting match.

The hunt begins

Pupils can challenge everyone else in the network, through the digital platform, no matter the rank.

Gauntlet is thrown down

The challenger submit a time and place for the duel, and invite the chosen opponent.

Challenge is accepted

The chosen pupil is notified. He can accept the challenge, possibly modifying place and time.

The duel takes place

Fighters decide the ultimate rules of engagement. They will be their own judges.

And the winner is...

Result must be confirmed from duelers on the digital platform, otherwise they will be both penalized.

Everyone is rewarded

Both duelers gain points: even the defeated, for the experience made.