LudoSport International is the worldwide network of authorized Centers in which sporting Light Saber Combat is taught and practiced under the guidance of Society of LudoSport Masters and its selected people, formed and qualified throughout the years with dedicated classes and review sessions.



We built a sport fighting system with a clear learning path for both pupils and teachers, and a unique experience of personal and social growth through physical activity with services, products and opportunities.

We look for passionate and enterprising people with good leadership and management skills, who want to dedicate themselves in a healthy and entertaining sport activity within a structured and flexible business model and a progressive development for a gradual investment.


The selected candidates can join the network through contract models with progressive costs.
The contracts provide for the payment of an Entry Fee (one-off), plus an Annual Fee linked to the number of students.

Among the services:

  • Customized access to the Franchise and to the International network
  • Access to official documents, manuals and teaching material
  • MYLUDOSPORT digital platform with management tools and International rating for pupils
  • International communication channels
  • Support for communication strategies and guidelines for advertising
  • Lightsabers for academic activities
  • Access for pupils to the selections for the International Championship

Depending on contract model, also:

  • Access to a third level domain within the official International network website with dedicated emails
  • Special prices to official equipment, licensed products and training sessions

And with the opportunity to have:

  • Opening event with teachers selected by SLM
  • Visit of a Master or Instructor for the negotiated term to follow the startup


The starting investment starts from around 4500 EUR (6500 USD for America) and grows as the number of the students managed.
The impact of the Network on the single affiliate is around 15% per year for each student.
This allows even small groups to join the network on favorable terms, with the possibility – if they wish – to increase their target of students by switching to more advanced models.


Send us an email to with the indication of your area of interest and a brief résumé. We will set up together the best solution to start a LudoSport Academy!

Becoming Instructor

Instructors are the front line of LudoSport International. They know how techniques need to be correctly performed, and how pupils can learn them in the easiest way possible. They need to be real trainers, able to understand each one’s qualities and motivations to bring pupils to their limit and pushing them to exceed it.

Instructors are mainly prepared to take the corresponding exam for Qualification at the International School.

The general program is the following:

Form Sessions Days Hours
I – Shii-Cho 1 10 60
II – Makashi 1 15 90
III – Soresu 2 15 180
IV – Ataru 2 15 180
V – Djem-So 2 15 180
VI – Niman 1 10 60
VII – Vaapad 2 15 180

Instructors can teach only within affiliated Academies worldwide. Even if their qualification doesn’t authorize them to create one, by all means they can team up with local entrepreneurs to achieve such a goal. Instructors have a worldwide jurisdiction, and they can exercise wherever their service is required.