LudoSport International is the worldwide network of authorized Centers in which sporting Light Saber Combat is taught and practiced under the guidance of Society of LudoSport Masters and its selected people, formed and qualified throughout the years with dedicated classes and review sessions.



We built a sport fighting system with a clear learning path for both pupils and teachers, and a unique experience of personal and social growth through physical activity with services, products and opportunities.

We look for passionate and enterprising people with good leadership and management skills, who want to dedicate themselves in a healthy and entertaining sport activity within a structured and flexible business model.


The franchising contract has a duration of five years and is renewable. A specific project is required in the territory of interest, as long as the sharing of a business plan. The annual targets are set as milestones for the development and to verify the business performances.

The contract indcludes:

  • Access to the International network, the official channels and graphic material
  • Customized Academy logo
  • Access to official documents, manuals and teaching material, plus guidelines on communication
  • Access to MYLUDOSPORT digital platform with management tools and International rating for pupils
  • Access for pupils to official competitions
  • Access to a third level domain within the official International network website with dedicated emails
  • 1 Training session for an Instructor, every year
  • Light Sabers and Uniforms for Academy activities
  • License for merchandise
  • Discount on pricelist for products
  • Discount on pricelist for training
  • Opening event with personnel selected by SLM *
  • Visit of a personnel selected by the Franchisor to follow the startup *

* according to specific agreements


An Entry Fee is required in proportion to the project submitted and approved by the Franchisor, and thereafter an Annual Fee for a fixed amount of 2000 EUR (2500 USD in the US), plus a 15% share of the Academy’s revenue related to the services.
Once the Entry Fee entity is defined together, it is considered necessary to invest a similar figure for the startup stage.


Send us an email to with the indication of your area of interest and a brief résumé. We will set up together the best solution to start a LudoSport Academy, simulating costs and profits and building the project in details with all the necessary information.

Becoming Instructor

Instructors are the front line of LudoSport International. They know how techniques need to be correctly performed, and how pupils can learn them in the easiest way possible. They need to be real trainers, able to understand each one’s qualities and motivations to bring pupils to their limit and pushing them to exceed it.

Instructors are mainly prepared to take the corresponding exam for Qualification at the International School.

Instructors can teach only within affiliated Academies worldwide. Even if their qualification doesn’t authorize them to create one, by all means they can team up with local entrepreneurs to achieve such a goal. Instructors have a worldwide jurisdiction, and they can exercise wherever their service is required.