Style Masters are one of the highest position in the LudoSport International system created by SLM to spread the sporting Light Saber Combat. People who are given the title of Style Master are direct emanation of SLM, legitimated as technical and teaching authority with power of representation. Such a representation goes beyond the simple mastery in practicing and teaching; it embraces strategic and diplomatic elements as well.

Essential requirements to be a Style Master are:

  • undisputed loyalty to SLM, its Statutes and principles
  • being fully trusted by SLM Council Board
  • good reputation
  • perfect knowledge of the Style in teaching
  • highest ability in practicing the Style

Style Masters are prepared in proper Courses, held by SLM Founder Masters or other Style Masters. Courses have a minimum of 60 hours training. Once obtained the Title, learning path is not over. There is an annual review required for five years. At the end of this period, each Style Master has to perform a Lectio Magistralis in front of the SLM Council Board. After that, review will be every five year.