The true acme of each academic year, National Tournaments are the ultimate competition meeting for pupils and teachers of each country, allowing them to compete in duels according to rules that reward both fighting skills and technical quality.

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2014 2015
LSCA Arena Local Tournament Arena 2009 National Tournament Arena 2010 National Tournament Arena 2011 National Tournament Arena 2012 National Tournament Arena 2014 National Tournament Arena 2015 International Tournament
Milan Milan Quinto VC Milan Milan Milan Milan

Tournaments can be set in each School to let pupils meet each other in combat, widening their experience. National Tournaments are yearly organized for the same purpose. Prizes to be won are:

  • First Classified
  • Second Classified
  • Third Classified
  • Best Style
  • Best Technique
  • Best Sequence
  • Best Fight
  • Best Jedi
  • Best Sith
  • Best Padawan
  • Best Youngling
  • Best pupil (each School)

Best pupils in each National Tournament gain access to the International Championship. Held yearly, it is the gathering of the best pupils of the International Network within a Tournament. Participation is restricted to the first pupils classified in National Tournaments plus the first pupils classified in the International Rating.