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LudoSport is not just a complete and innovative combat sport: it is an original and immersive learning path, where people from all over the world share their desire to have fun and challenge themselves every day.

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After the darkest times of the pandemics, we are returning to usual activities in our venues and opening new ones.

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With only €169 per venue you can start your own Academy. Or maybe someone else is already starting the process. Fill the form to receive more information.

Every sport needs dedicated equipment.

LudoSport Academies use LamaDiLuce sabers, designed in Italy to meet the demands of an intensive use in competition. They are available in different models and colors, to be as unique as the style of their wielder.

Corsi Online Ludosport Evolve Form 1.

Ludosport lancia il corso online “Evolve”, videolezioni interattive e fruibili in ogni momento, pensate per tutti coloro che vogliono apprendere le tecniche schermistiche ludosport, migliorare la propria tecnica o arrivare ad un livello superiore nel combattimento con la spada laser.

Do you want to practice this activity? Enter one of our Halls.

Do you want to practice this activity? Enter one of our Halls. You will find experienced teachers, certified by the Society of LudoSport Masters, who will accompany you in the LudoSport training courses together with other students of all ages with whom you’ll share learning and competition in a pleasantly demanding environment. Our Ordinary Courses welcome youngsters from the age of 13, while for children (starting from the age of 8) a more game-oriented path, focused on psychomotor development and social skills is planned.

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Are you enterprising and charismatic, and do you want to help us spread this discipline?

Become a LudoSport Teacher and collaborate in the spreading by dedicating your time to training in our Halls and in all other places where this discipline can be practiced.

Discover our Educational Paths, which periodically prepare teachers to transmit our techniques and values to women and men of all ages, in different parts of the world. Having the same technique taught everywhere allows in fact the “common language” thanks to which the students of each Academy can meet everywhere, dueling with safety for maximum fun.

Please read the official LudoSport Network statement about the global outbreak of COVID-19.

Discover the “true” story of LudoSport!

From the expert hand of Giovanni Gualdoni, a graphic novel comes to life with the drawings of Valeria Favoccia and the colors of Daniele Rudoni and Alessandro Musumeci. A fantastic story that projects our athletes into a world full of adventure and mystery. You could one day be one of the characters in the story! Enter the world of “A story of Light: Polaris”.