Summer 2021

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At Scuola Internazionale Superiore (SIS) 2021 Masters run in-presence courses in English to qualify participants as Instructors in LudoSport Forms. Qualification will be provided to candidates passing the final exam (not guaranteed).

Following are the in-presence courses classes scheduled for SIS 2021:

  • Form 1
  • Form 2
  • Course Y
  • Form 3 for short sabers
  • Form 5 for long saber

Limited places available. If you already have a LudoSport+ active membership, RESERVE YOUR PLACE HERE, otherwise check first the prerequisites in the tab below.

Courses not listed above can still be requested on location emailing

All Courses

  • Check-in: July 31
  • Classes: August 1-6
  • Exams: August 7
  • Check-out: August 8

La Tenuta dei Ciclamini
Loc. Casa Pancallo, 3,
05020 Avigliano Umbro TR

Classes for courses at SIS 2021 will be confirmed when at least 6 participants complete reservation and payment within May 31. If the reservations for a class exceed the allowed capacity, priority will be given to participants who paid the reservation deposit first.


Class maximum capacity is 14 participants, unless Covid-19 regulations in place during the event will require otherwise.

Candidates receiving the exclusion notice and their companions can request cancellation within July 9 and receive full reimboursement of the paid fees.


In the following order:

  1. Candidates must be registered on LudoSport+ digital platform;
  2. Candidates must have an active membership on LudoSport+ digital platform for year 2021;
  3. Candidates must have completed the on-line Theory Course corresponding to the class they want to attend within July 23 (*);
  4. Candidates must have successfully passed the on-line Exam of the Theory Course within July 23 (*);

Highly recommended

  • Candidates should have completed a regular class course for athletes corresponding to the class they want to attend;
  • If available, candidates should have watched the official e-learning course corresponding to the class they want to attend;

(*) Form 1 Theory Course , Form 2 Theory Course and relevant Exams are already available. The other Theory Courses will be published on LudoSport+ within June 1.

  • Participant fee: EUR 1399 all taxes included.
    Full board, Course, extras not included;
  • Companion fee: EUR 999 all taxes included.
    Full boad, extras not included.

Covid-19 Mandatory package

Package of safety provisions to comply with requirements set by Italian Government / W.H.O. for the event timeframe: To be defined (**).

(**) Cost will be advised within July 9. Participants/companions will have the faculty to cancel their reservation and request reimboursement with no penalties until July 16.


Deposits and balance payments will be processed on LudoSport+ .

  • EUR 500 deposit at reservation;
  • Balance payment of fee within May 31;
  • Covid-19 package payment within July 16.

Late Payments

EUR 150 administration cost will be applied in case of late payments of participation fee, companion fee or safety kit cost.


  • EUR 500 penalty applies for each participant notifying cancellation between 16/07 and 26/07.
  • EUR 999 penalty applies for each participant notifying cancellation after 26/07.


  • In case minimum number of confirmed reservations for a class is not reached within May 31, that class will be cancelled by the organization. Who paid to attend to the class and their companions will receive their funds back.
  • In case of cancellation of a class or the entire SIS due to force majeure after 31/05, the organization will return paid sums deducted by EUR 150 for each participant fee and a voucher of the same amount will be provided. Voucher will be valid as discount for any other in-prensence course organized by LudoSport International. The organization is not responsible for any cost borne by participants connected to their partecipations to SIS (e.g. travel, insurances, meals, etc.).

Better teachers,better students. To train and educate the students positively, good teachers are needed: attentive, helpful, professional, with the willingness to follow their students with passion and seriousness. Their training within the LudoSport International network is guaranteed by the teaching staff selected by SLM and offered in different places and times of the year.

Masters, Tecnici, Instructors, Trainers. LudoSport teachers are trained in the single combat Forms, and their hierarchy is linked to the deepening in the single subject. Further details are available on the Society of LudoSport Masters (SLM) website.

Becoming teacher. Where and when.

The LudoSport International network organizes periodically Educational Paths for the preparation of future Teachers. These paths are generally divided into a Pre-Course (which consists of an overview of the combat Form under examination) and a Standard Course that deepens the didactic aspects.
While Pre-Courses can be held by any Instructor , Standard Courses are entrusted exclusively to Tecnici .

The most important LudoSport training institution is the SIS – Scuola Internazionale Superiore that annually hosts the main Educational Paths for Teachers of Light Saber Combat in the evocative Tenuta dei Ciclamini of Avigliano Umbro (TR).

For more information: