Following the indications of SLM the Sporting Sabers Register (SSR) and the Saber Models Register (SMR) are hereby established.

Do you want to enter the roster of official manufacturers with one (or more) of your saber models? Fill in the application form and start the procedure to validate your own model.

List of the authorized saber models within LudoSport network, selected according to SLM principles and specific criteria established by Abridge, on behalf of SLM.

Listed since Model Type * Manufacturer Price **
Sep 2018 Polaris SSe-1 Long saber LamaDiLuce € 286,50
Sep 2018 Polaris SSe-2 Short saber LamaDiLuce € 307,36
Sep 2018 Polaris SSe-3 / EVO Modular LamaDiLuce € 245,08
Nov 2018 Arctic Storm Modular Nordic Sabers € 328,00
May 2019 Adam Long saber Crystal Cave € 433,61

* Long saber, short saber, double bladed saber or modular (possibility to fit more than one type).
** Price is for reference and doesn’t include customization costs, taxes, custom fees.